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Wal-Mart Reviews

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  • Men's clothing

    I have always looked for and purchased Puritan clothing because it is a better quality product than most manufacturers..Their permanent press shirts retain their form and look great for years and their underware last forever. I do not understand why you stopped carrying their line of men's clothing, but now I have to go elsewhere for my clothing purchases. I shop at the local Wal-Mart at least once a week, but I had to go online to find a vendor where I could purchase Puritan clothing. More...
    kitsamd72's Picture   kitsamd72    0 Comments   Comments
  • Non existing product

    Bought a red copper pan which advertised you could order a lid for on 2/15/17. after a week of no delivery called 1-855-668-1655 and asked for status of item. was told that it was back ordered to 3/29/17. i considered cancelling order but was given a 5 dollar discount to keep order and accepted. On 3/20/17 received mail stating the product was still back ordered and would be another 30 day delay. called the above number again and was told the same thing. i accused this company of falsely selling product it did not have and what a scam they were running. walmart should drop this company from... More...
    newriverdave's Picture   newriverdave    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad tires

    On the 28th of November of 2015, I put in two new tires, both were Douglas 215/65R16. Around last month I heard a sound coming from the front left tire. I took the car to various mechanics to determine the cause of the sound. After ruling out other possible problems, we switched the left and right tire, and the sound started coming from the right side. We later found that the tire was slightly deformed and determined that was the cause. I went to the store where I had bought the tires, because they had only gone 10K miles, and I wanted to exchange them, but since I didn't have the... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)

    i LOVE the automatic air fresheners, i have bought several sets. they work for a while but they dont last for the value. i have bought several because i was under the impression the others would perform better. i have 4 rooms that i use them in. i just bought 2 more and they worked for a couple of days. i took them back and exchanged them. today, i put them both back in the box.....they no longer work. i have 4 others i bought in the past that worked and stopped working. i just bought 2 more last week, they worked for a couple of days; i boxed them back up along with the new fresheners. i... More...
    blessd102's Picture   blessd102    0 Comments   Comments
  • wrong container size

    I've purchased my second container of "equate Dry Mouth Oral Rinse", 33.8 fl oz (1L) size. It is too full to handle after opening. Both times, I removed the cap (the fluid is only about 1/2 to 3/4 in. from the the top)and as soon as I pick up the bottle it gushes out about 1-2 fluid ounces of liquid on the counter, wasting the product. This is a good product, just a bad container. More...
    coffman's Picture   coffman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Super Store Walmart,,,Foods

    I bought 2 package of 12 each and put them in the freezer took one out and toasted some up and noticed they was all MOLDY and threw them away and got the other package of English muffins out and thawed them and they was all MOLDY too..This is not good its pretty nasty and gross..How old are these things and how long to they set on a shelf before you set them out ta sell them.. More...
    rod56's Picture   rod56    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lack of associates help

    This review is for the 5 stores in the Lucas County Ohio area. There is never enough help in the various departments, you really have to work and wait a long time to get answers or to help find items. Management needs to pay attention to each stores peak busy hours and post checkers at the 200 empty check out stations. Which reminds me, take out some of the never used check out stations and get bigger sort and bagging tables you can't get a third of your cart scanned before the checker runs out of space to bag, they don't even try keeping extra check out carts? More...
    bbruce1968's Picture   bbruce1968    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Wal-Mart Great Value Pizza Crust.

    I have repeatedly purchased Wal-Mart's Great Value Pizza Crust. I have been very happy with this product in the past. On this occassion the dough was a little smaller than usual and went baked it did not rise at all. My toppings and time were wasted as we threw out the pizza and made something else for dinner. I am a baker by trade and not sure if this was just a bad batch or a change in the recipe. I am a little reluctant to purchase this product again. More...
    unhappymom965's Picture   unhappymom965    0 Comments   Comments
  • employee pay

    My wife is a Department manager at Walmart, she has been an employee for five years. Walmart advertised increasing the pay for their employees repeatedly which is a complete fallacy. She has had a second department forced on her by the store GM with no increase in pay. There are new employees hired at higher pay rates and they are not managers! Her $12 an hour is more than she was hired at but not the $14 minimum Walmart advertised. As far as the latest news that Stan Kronkie is a large share holder is of no concern to me. He is a pompous ass but has nothing to do with store policies. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    DeBear's Picture   DeBear    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Value Frozen Peas

    For quite a while, I have purchased GV frozen peas. Each time, they tasted old and somewhat tough. The last time we tried to eat them, we carefully assessed the quality, and decided that the "old" taste was not worth buying any more. I would assume peas, as with any fruit or vegetable, are graded for quality. It would be interesting to see what grade Wal Mart purchases for their frozen vegetables. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Maggie77's Picture   Maggie77    0 Comments   Comments
  • Limon Potato Chips by Great Value

    I love these potato chips! They are much better than any other brand "Lime" chip. However, I want to make you aware of a problem. I purchased two bags, 8 oz, that had no lime flavor at all and tast like regular chips. I took these back and obtained two more which were good. This has been happening again; however, due to price of chips it is not worth going through Customer Service for exchange to me. Please check into this. There must be a problem on your line if they are not getting flavored. Appreciate your assistance as I don't want to quit buying these. I purchase... More...
    bettywhiz's Picture   bettywhiz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Value Mixed Nuts

    I have purchased and enjoyed Great Value Mixed Nuts for the past year. However, one of my favorite nuts (the Brazil Nut) has been being vastly under represented recently. In fact, in my most recent 2 purchases (both 1 pound 2.25 oz at $9.86) there were no brazil nuts in either container at all. The labels clearly said that they were to contain brazil nuts, though quantities were not specified. But there were absolutely none in them. Previous to that, I remember containers that contained only 1-3 brazil nuts. Must I buy my own brazil nuts to add to the mix separately? Or can... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    SSims's Picture   SSims    0 Comments   Comments
  • Walmart Bakery portion change

    In the last couple months, Walmart Bakery has reduced the loaf size/weight of at LEAST the "Marketside" french bread loaves from 16.0 oz (one pound) of 10 servings to 14.8 oz. (0.93 lbs.) of 8 serving per loaf, but at the same price as a full pound. The shapes themselves were the first clue (before reading the label!!), because the loaves seemed skinnier, and didn't last as long. So, finally looked at the label, and POW -another sneaky readuction!!! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Chamanugget's Picture   Chamanugget    0 Comments   Comments
  • Did not match online prices.

    I recently went to a Walmart store to purchase a bike. I noticed that the bike in the store was $15 more than Walmart advertised online. When I asked the cashier about it, she told me they do not match online and I could order it if I wanted. I would have done that if I didn't want the bike that day. I don't see how they don't match their online prices, especially since they advertise "Our guaranteed low prices are unbeatable with ad match!" So you'll match other store ads but not your own? Makes no sense. Oh, and of course when I get the bike home it... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    bmcneill's Picture   bmcneill    1 Comments   Comments
  • Customer service in need of repair

    It is amazing how poor the customer service is across Walmart, the complaints seem to be in every area of the country. Might be wise for corporate to start looking at it closer. At some point you have got to know that the store and it's affiliates exist because of the customers that patronize your stores...that goes for the employees, you will be affected more if your current customers decide to shop elsewhere. Just food for thought More...
    dmew's Picture   dmew    0 Comments   Comments
  • Treatment of employees

    Dear Walmart I'm a loyal customers who's experience has turned out very poorly. I'm writing to express my dissatisfaction regarding the treatment of your own employees.When approaching the register in order to pay for my items most employees seemed drained and upset. In hopes you can help remedy the situation I believe that employees should be treated with the consideration that they deserve. The fact that holidays such as Christmas are approaching should mean more work however exploitation isn't necessary.Many Walmart employees struggle to pay bills, they don't... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    yessenia0621's Picture   yessenia0621    0 Comments   Comments
  • shopping cart

    thius is a small complaint i live in new jersey have benn in many wal-marts from jersey to north caroline and have never had to use a quater to get a shopping cart i do alot of shopping in wal-mart on that day i had no change so i had to go five miles out of my way to do my shopping i see no need to pay for a cart when i am shopping the store is in Brick New Jersey and I will no longer go there More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    icecream1's Picture   icecream1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Damaged Woven Squares whole grain crackers

    For the last 6 years we have been doing all our grocery shopping that the Walmart,located on Gunn Hwy, Tampa,FL. We started purchasing those Woven Crackers when the Store first introduce them.. I expect to find some broken crackers cause by shipping but for the last 5 or six month about half the box is damaged. We stopped buying them for a whle and during the last 3 weeks we have purchase them again, at the same store, and the damage still persist. I don't know if this is been done intentionally but it seems if we purchase the Nabisco brand only 3 or 4 crackers are damaged...Can... More...
    nrod2831's Picture   nrod2831    0 Comments   Comments
  • Trying to get cancelled order resolved

    I tried three times to order a chair mat for my home office and every time it got cancelled after I received confirmation by email. I finally called Walmart customer service and the first gentleman told me it was a PayPal problem. I called PayPal and they were very nice and assured me that they tried each time to pay but Walmart refused payment. I called Wamart a second time and got a very rude, nasty attitude person y the name of Stephanie who refused 5 times to let me talk to a supervisor and hung up on me. I called back and talked to a very ice gentleman who explained to me that it was... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    jcox's Picture   jcox    0 Comments   Comments
  • Walmart sanitary wipes at entrances.

    We always shop at the Ephrata, PA Walmart. Today when we entered and got our cart, there was an empty container of hand / cart handle wipes. A female "employee" was sitting on a stool by the empty container, and my husband asked her why the container was not replaced, and she said, "because we don't have any". I think this is inexcusable. ..whether she was too lazy to replace it or whether it was true that there were no replacements available. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    lgkcountry's Picture   lgkcountry    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Value Orage Juice

    First of all, we do a lot of shopping at WalMart because of the cheaper prices. I recently bought 2 cans of Great Value Orance juice. I looked the can over very well and never did see how many cans of water to add. I had another person check and they did not find it either. Also it says a product of Brazil, Mexico & US. That does not explain where it was processed. Were they grown in Brazil, processed in Mexico and then distributed in the USA?? I do not like the fact that most companies grow or process their product in foreign countries for cheap wages and then send back to the US... More...
    wanalou's Picture   wanalou    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Valvue Macaroni & Cheese

    My name is Raymond Whited. I shop at one of the two Walmarts that are within Seven miles of the house. This is more of a question than a complaint. I have purchased your Great Value products, SSA just does not cover enough for food. Sense your prices have Doubled in the last Four mo. It is even more difficult to be-able to eat good. My question, Why does the products have so very much SALT? Macaroni & Cheese has 2,400mg of salt. Salt and Corn Syrup seem to be in every product. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Garl's Picture   Garl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wal-Mart handicap friendly?

    There never are never enough working electric riding carts for use by me. I have a very bad back and really depend on them. The last two times that I have gone to wal-mart, I had to have my wife push me around in a manual wheelchair which had been beat to pieces and hardly even rolled. The unusual thing is that I can go to the Layton Utah or Rock springs, Wyoming they have three to four times more electric riding carts than the one in centerville. We talked to the store manager, and he complained that most of the carts were out for repair. He also complained that Wal-Mart was required to... More...
    pickngrin's Picture   pickngrin    1 Comments   Comments
  • Wal-Mart store(s) in Rogers, Ar

    I moved to Rogers, AR in 2009. When I first got here, the Wal-Mart on Pleasant Crossing used to carry Sophisticate's Black Hair magazine. Now the store doesn't, which annoys me. I currently buy it from Sally's Beauty Supply on W Walnut St, which is like two minutes from the other Wal-Mart that my husband and I go to sometimes. I understand that there are not a lot of African American people in North West Arkansas, but I don't see why there are around five magazines for Caucasian women. The stores do carry Essence magazine (which I don't read), but it'd be... More...
    SakieJ001's Picture   SakieJ001    0 Comments   Comments
  • Did not receive whole order

    I submitted grocery order to Walmart online. There were three items that were to come together; however, only the Lemonade Mix arrived. The 3 boxes of Saltine Crackers and 3 bags of Orville Redenbacher's Kettle Korn did not. The paper said that I may receive the order in separate shipments which was OK. However, the two items have not come and my last delivery date has passed. I have contacted Walmart who gave me the FedEx tracking number. Both responded immediately with automated messages but each refers me to the other. I am unable to find a way to talk to a live person. I am a... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    PianoLady's Picture   PianoLady    0 Comments   Comments

    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    ashdon02's Picture   ashdon02    0 Comments   Comments
  • changing my (walmart) shopping day

    up until recently Wal-mart has been my main shopping place. the past 3 times that i have been there, they have not had the soda that i prefer, there was a total of 11 items that i most likely would have purchased but there was no shelf price nor item price. the choice of after shave was with just 2 items. they say they are stocking more, but are they the items shoppers want? low prices (?) i noted one item had increased by one third (velvetta cheese loaf 2lb) and chase & sandborn coffee in the 33oz can was always marked at least $2.00 or more below other more famous or well known... More...
    ohiosaltydog's Picture   ohiosaltydog    1 Comments   Comments
  • coupons

    I have wrote to you about this before and I had hoped it would not happen again. I started going back to your Walmart in Greenwood, SC. since it is the closest to my parents house and I do a lot of the shopping for them as they are retired and living on a budget. As I stated before, I use a lot of coupons when I do my shopping and every other Walmat and grocery store have no problem with how many I can use, this is not the case with the Greenwood store I was told once again that they could only except 20 at a time. I asked where the sign was that stated this I was told it's company... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    jeepgirl1873's Picture   jeepgirl1873    0 Comments   Comments
  • Walmart shelf complaint

    The Things on the top shelf do not get circulated to the front of the shelf for easy access and being short such as myself it makes it very diffucult. I do not think it is right that obese people get electric carts and short people have no way of being self sufficient. It is very demeaning to have to ask for help in every thing i do considering it is not my fault i am vertically challenged. More...
    emogirl95's Picture   emogirl95    1 Comments   Comments
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