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Wal-Mart Reviews

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  • month almost wrong price

    Tried to explain this in fax by chat on line, instead of looking into it, told prices change all the time, and she missed the whole point not sure she understood English well obviously price from 4.95 to 22.75 is what a 2176% increase. (650) 624-7652 Great Value Tropical Trail Mix, 26 oz By: Great Value Walmart #: 009580750 This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. $4.98 19.20¢ / oz Great Value Cranberry Trail Mix, 23 oz By: Great Value Walmart #: 551273582 • This button opens a dialog that... More...
  • Discriminatory pay

    Your discriminatory pay methods continue and should be investigated by each individual store. Oh and thanks for scheduling my wife to work 2pm to 11pm on Thanksgiving and 6am to 3 pm Friday and 6am to 3 pm on Saturday Our Thanksgiving will be a wonderful holiday for my wife, children and grandchildren. I hope you make great profits! Way to go More...
  • Customer Service

    I went in a few days ago to stock up on beer as I usually do and the cashier refused to accept my ID even though it was 100% valid and I am over 21. I spoke to the Assistant Store Manager who was unsympathetic and acted like she didn't even care. Then furious, I demanded to speak to the Store Manager. At first, they tried to lie to me and tell me that I already had. I knew the Store Manager was a man, and finally got to speak with him. He didn't seem to care at all, and treated me like I was bothering him. I informed him as nicely as I could that because of this, I would NOT... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • product safety

    I used a stainless steel 1quart saucepan (with straining lid) last summer and had burn injuries from grasping the pan handle . The handle was not coated , no warning signs on package. I filed a written complaint on July 25, 2014 at my local store. Todate. I have not received any response. I want this item to be on recall list. Model#. M514 -042-420-52 More...
  • straight talk

    9 month s ago I purchased a Straight Talk card to swap my service to straight talk I found out I had to buy a SIM card chip set to make my phone work through straight talk I purchased it & with there help never could get it to work so I ended up using a busted phone the last 9 months when I finally decided to try to get my other phone working through cricket Sunday my service ran out with straight talk. I went to cricket Monday had my phone change to crikett. When contacting straight talk with the phone number I've had for 12 years now. straight talk says I have to purchase another... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • discontinued product

    Hello I am from Mascouche this is 15 minutes north of Montreal and i go to Wall Mart in Plattsburg once a month to get many things that we just cannot get here and also for the prices. Now there is an item called Great Value filled in Muffins and they come in Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Blueberry, Now yesterday i went to get my Blueberry muffins witch they are just great and they sale like crazy and i have asked the clerk if there was any Blueberry muffins in the back because the shelf was empty and the easy answer was OH they do not make them any more. Now i would like to know from Wall... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)

    At 1:48 Sunday afternoon, Mother's Day, I was cut off by a maniacal truck driver, tag number 742-3BR. The incident occurred on I-75 in Tampa, Florida, right at the exit for Brandon. I was in a gold Toyota Sienna, just behind a small white car who was exiting toward Brandon. I was continuing straight toward the next exit. Your driver was in the middle lane and suddenly moved into my lane with no warning. He shot directly in front of me, missing my front fender by no less than two feet. I SLAMMED ON MY BRAKES and was nearly rear-ended by the car behind me, also going straight.... More...
  • Layaway Policy

    I put items on layaway 9/30/13 at the Acworth because the signs stated that the layaway was free. When I got to the counter, I was charged $10.00 and the total was $10.88. I figure that this would probably be the last time that I ever do business with Walmart when it comes to their integrity and advertising anything free. I saw the same items online that would be about $30.00 cheaper so I sent today to cancel my layaway. They charged me $10.00 for canceling the layaway. More...
  • dangerous product

    Bought an Emerson tv 19" dvd combo on 10-8 that interfered with my DSL signal and cable reception; when Charter Cable came to check out the issue, the technician received a small electrical shock from the tv. He encouraged me to return the tv- 17 days after we made the purchase- due to the backfeed of power being emitted from the set. When we went to return, the customer service clerk found the receipt from the initial transaction but still refused to give us anything more than the current clearance price of this inferior product in the form of a gift card. The interaction was... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • Jewelry not in bag

    A lady cashier helped me check out at one of the self check out lanes.This was around 10:30 am on 6/18/13 at Ridgeview, around 182nd St in Omaha, NE. I then went to work and unfortunately didn't keep the receipt. When I got home, I did not have the approximately $8 in jewelry/crafting materials I had purchased. Not a big loss, I'm just disappointed. I don't know if it was an honest mistake or a dishonest employee. More...
  • Numerous milk leaks

    2 years I have shopped at this Wal-Mart; I have made several complaints, but am still having SAME problem!! People who stock the milk are not paying attention! 7 out of every 10 gallons of milk purchased, have leaked! Looks like razor knife most of the time. I live in the middle of a canyon so it is great inconvenience to return milk time after time! Today I pulled milk from bag and it broke all over my kitchen! I am very FED UP! You need to properly train people who are using razor knifes and destroying packaging!! Can't afford this any longer! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • price tag matched everything on box

    I went to my walmart in orland park, il I was buy I hpdest jet 4622 e all in one printer the price rang up 99 00 tue advertising price was 59 00 the assistant manger refuse to fess up to the mistaje of her employees and try telling me that she cant give it to me for the advertised price when in writing it states if rings up wrong price then shelf you get foe shelf price totally unprofessional and treated me a 34 year old man like a teenager and hell I kake more money then she does I want my printer for 59.00 n9t 79 not 99 she said ill splitt the different because the mastake was our More...
  • candy

    I have been buying your 10 oz. bags of hard candy for a long time to fill my candy jar at my desk.When I first started to buy the bags you would find 1 or so candies that were not wrapped. Here the last few times I purchased the candy many of the candies are not wrapped. The pepermints just had 9 candies not wrapped and the butterscotches had 6 and now the strawberries are coming unwrapped. Don't mind a few here and there but this is getting to be more and more in every bag! More...
  • personnel with great customer appeal

    Carmen C. you ought to have more than 1, of her. Clone her! (LOL) What a pleasant person and personnel she is she represents your business and herself with the greatest degree of what persons as myself are looking for kindness, and a really down to earth person. In the course of her day, I think she must meet people who are rude, and inappropriate. If this is so, she did not seem to express that in her dealings with me. Kudos! Please keep people like her in your employ. It is so nice to find someone so wonderdul as Carmen C. of Port St. Lucie West, The customer service manager. You... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Pest

    I bought the Great Value Four Cheese mashed Potatoes box sometime in the past two months ago(not sure time). When I proceeded to open the box I saw a live maggot on the inside box attached to the packaging on one of the envelopes. I know that box is not out of date as it's stamped best by 07-09-13. I have shopped Walmart all of my adult life and have sworn by the food that I get is good and sometimes better than the name brand. More...
  • Delivery Loss & Refund

    "My shopping experience was through Walmart.com; I had ordered products to pick up in a local store and somehow they went missing while being delivered to the pickup location. I received an email stating that I would be refunded the payment I made within two billing cycles. I find this to be unacceptable. Not only have my orders been lost, but the money I paid in advance is now out of my hands for what could be two months. I am a student and cannot afford to spend that money again to get replacements for the orders that were lost. Not only that, but even if I did have the money to... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)

    On November 22, 2012 the thanksgiving evening I was in the 40 inch Emerson TV line I was told I would be the last customer to get a TV they only had 60 TV's Since 6'o clock i was standing in the line and it was 10 already and they had already started giving out the TV's and still kept saying I was the last one to get a TV it was around the last 10 people who didn't receive any tickets for the TV's but they kept telling me I would get a TV and I would be the last one there was mostly black people and white people in the line and it was until the 6 people were left... More...

    I have noticed that over a short period of time, your snack cakes have gone DOWN in size. It seems like getting LESS product for approx. the same amount of money, but some have gone up slightly in price. My family enjoys your products, but since the cost of living, etc has gone UP, it seems like the quality of food seems to be going DOWN.. AND your prices have gone up a lot. Another thing, the price of your milk USE TO BE the cheapest around. Now, it's the highest of all the stores we have around us. I have seen your milk at almost $5.00 gallon, while at other places were about half... More...
  • Warranty not upheld

    I purchased a Acer laptop computer and purchased the EXTENDED 2 year warranty. When I tried to get a repair on a manufacturers defect, I was refused. The AC plug will not stay in so the laptop will charge. There is a piece or something just fell out when I tried to plug in the ac adapter. This WAS my major complaint. Well I paid Walmart.com and they have a company running the repair portion. That company refuses to fix this problem. They state they won't repair because of water damage. THERE IS NO WATER DAMAGE. The computer needs to have a clean-up but basically it runs fine.... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Kosher Foods

    I shop in Walmart every week. Today I went into Walmart to purchase some kosher food for Passover and there was NONE! This is not only a holy season for the Jewish people but also for Christians as we also do Lent. I was so disapointed. I envision Walmart to be an American Enterprise for the people, conscious of keeping prices reasonable, and catering to all people. This store is on Walmart Way, Midlothian Va., I ask that this be corrected. So many people don't say anything, they just go to another store because they don't want to create a problem. Iwant to make you aware... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Contact lens nightmare

    ON 2/13/2011 i had a 3:40 appointment to have my daughter fitted for contact lens's. Previously she had an eye exam and the doctor recommended contacts for her. At 4:30 i approached amber a tech at the vision center and told her three people had walked in and were taken care of and my daighter was still waiting. at that time i asked her for my daughters prescrition which i paid for she refused she stated : it's not done yet" I asked her when will it be done she said she couldnt do it Brittany or nicole would have too. Again i waited another 15 mintues nothing so i approached... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Unethical behavior

    I would like to report an unethical behavior of Walmart.com. I am ready to contact 7 on your side and any other media forums, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, youtube and post about the misleading of the company and how is cheating its customers in order to show revenue. On December 26, 2011 I have ordered the IronMan Gravity 4000 Inversion Table for $179. I was told that my item would get to the local store in Union City no later than January 6, 2012. On January 6, 2012 still no sign of where my item was, no tracking of the item was available and when I called Wallmart Customer Service,... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • online order

    to make a long story short i purchased items with a gift card online from site to store pickup but i did not make it back home in time because of the holiday so the returned my money back to a gift card that i no longer have i have been calling them but i still get the run around and dont have my refund and that was in november please contact me about my shipment or my money back asap More...
  • Holiday price guarantee

    I purchased a cell phone for $199.00 from Walmart in Waterville Maine; and later that day I find the exact same phone on walmart.com for $169.00 so I call up Waterville walmart and people from customer service tell me to bring in the price from online and they will match the price because they say during the holiday season walmart is doing price guarantee. So today I bring in the paper showing the lower price and they refuse to honor it. Which is unfair after the said they would honor it and when I get to the store they refuse.. Its a rip off they lied to me. False advertisement. Not good... More...
    (Mobile Phones)

    I purchased a Everstart battery for my car last year which has imprinted on the battery "FREE 3 YEAR REPLACEMENT". The battery died and my husband and I took the battery back to the Rockaway, New Jersey, store where it was purchased and we were told that Walmart would only prorate the amount we paid from the date of purchase plus we would have to pay the difference of the current retail cost of the battery. The "FREE" replacement would cost us an additional $23.00. I questioned the assistant manager how Walmart provided notice of this policy and he conceded that the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Poor Customer Service

    The Colby, KS store has very poor customer service. You have to hunt for someone to help you, then they tell you "that is not their area" or "they don't know how to do what you ask", they page on a walkie talkie or intercom phone for customer service to that area, no one ever shows up to help you. You then wait and wait and then the process starts all over again if you can then find another Walmart associate to ask for help again! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Incorrect pricing labels & difficulty using coupons

    Using 2-3 coupons at the Walmart at Parmer and I-35 is like pulling teeth. Some items were marked the wrong prices and as a result , I got charged double at the counter (e.g.johnson baby shampoo $2.47 came up to $4.47 each). I am a loyal customer and have bought 70% of our things from Walmart (including our wedding bands, my wedding engagement ring and pretty much all our appliances and tools when we first started a home). Now that we have our first baby, and find our finances lacking, we are hoping to continue business with Walmart. But the service for the last two trips were so... More...
  • Placing an order for Product

    For about 2 1/2 years I have been trying to place an order through multiple Walmart stores for an Arm & Hammer cleaner in a spray bottle. One store ordered 16 pieces instead of 16 cases (we rented a truck, drove to the store and were presented with a shopping cart with 16 squirt bottles - not the 16 cases that the manager claimed to have ordered). Another Walmart (Willow Grove, PA) has stated numerous times that they placed an order for 25 cases. I have spoken to managers over the phone, went into the store, and sent emails. Yet, no one has ever placed the order. The most... More...
  • Bad Experience

    I was at Store #3805 in Woodland Park Colorado today, September 21 2011. My Dad was with me. I checked out just after him at 3:31 pm. An employee stopped us before we could leave and said she needed to see both of our reciepts and highlight all items that weren't in bags. We'd already spent more time than we'd planned and this was not welcome news, especially since my policy on disposable bags is that they are bad for the environment. This is what I don't put in bags: Things that have handles, like milk jugs. Things that are too big. Heavy things that would break a... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • WM Dangerous Truck Driver

    July 27, 2011. Walmart truck: Big number in back rear, top right - 303120 – could not get any more info as I was fumbling for my laptop. 2:53pm mountain time, hwy 285, 70 miles outside of Santa Fe, NM (going south) A fifth wheel ahead of us, then a small black compact car behind him, and then us behind the small compact. There was an AGGRESSIVE Walmart truck behind us; passed us first on a solid line; my husband was dumbstruck and braked quickly as the fifth wheel was forced to cut in front of us (mind you, everyone BUT the Walmart truck was going the speed limit). Then the... More...
  • Bad service

    I am boycotting Walmart after a horrible experience. We go through coupons, ads and make a list of what we want. Get to checkout, tell cashier "We have coupons and are matching" Shes like "well i need to see the ads" A customer from the next checkout was like "Oh I do couponing also, your store policy says you don't need to show the ad" My cashier rolls her eyes. I figure shes a older lady, and I'd be nice and show her the ads, which on everything we got I had to go through Albertsons AND Kroger ad to find what she needed. Get to coupons, and mom,... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Rude customer Sevice

    Ladies were very rude at cambridge,oh walmart. I bought a bike and when I got it home my husband I noticed that the gears didn't work. We took it back to walmart the next day and they said that they would have to look at it. We walked around walmart for an hour waiting just to find out that it was going to be days. My husband asked why do they do trade in on everything else but not bikes. We bought a toaster that didn't work last month, and when we told the lady she replied that we don't ride on a toaster really nasty like. I thinking of going to get my broken bike back... More...
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