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Wal-Mart Complaint - tire department - Douglas tires 13
Wal-Mart Complaint

Wal-Mart Complaint


tire department - Douglas tires 13

I took my car into store #0195 in Escelsior springs.Mo. to have the tires rotated and balanced because I had bought the tires there 2 1/2 years earlier and I had the road hazzard plan. The guy said can't do it, need 4 new tires and walked out. I did not like his attitude. He then told me I could get two at 50% off and two at 25% off. I thought I would try another Wal-Mart and see what they said because I did not like the way I was talked to in Excelsior. Liberty store rotated and balanced the tires with no problem and said yes, I would need tires in the future. After a week, my husband I decided to go ahead and get the new tires while they could pro-rate them. Excelsior only had two of the tires, so they were supposed to get the other ones in and call me. They never did, I finally had to call them and yes, they had them in. I took the car in and the guys then told me I could get two @ 50% off and the other two I would have to pay full price for. I told them, no I would not do that, because the previous week i was told the other two would be 25% off. By now I am fuming because I have been messing with these tires forever. They let me have 2 for 50% off and 2 for25% off, but they weren't happy about it. I told them I did not want the road hazzard on the tires because I will never buy tires there again and didn't want to have to bring it back there. I looked on my bill before paying and found that they had charged me a tubeless tire repair fee for 4 tires at 9.50 a tire which was $38. They had taken $19 of that off. I questioned why I was being charged for the tubless tire repair when I had 4 new tires, they were not being repaired. They said well, they took $18 of that off. I had them take the other $20 off too because I did not have 4 tires repaired and refused to pay for that. Then they finally told me that is the only way the computer knows to print it off, that it should not have been on there. How many people get charged for things like this every day and not know it. I am one very unhappy customer and I will never buy tires from you again and neither will any of my three children and their families. I will not even go to Wal-Mart to shop any more if I can help it.

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doughbelly says: (6 years ago)
Wal-mart needs to change their name to China-mart, all they sell is junk an2nd rated items. Sam would never have agreed to this...

mathjegna says: (7 years ago)
I read these reviews to before buying tires, I am now more confused than ever; is it the tires or the store that is causing all the problems. I understand driving styles can cause differences in tire life as well as road conditions in the area where they are driven, the service provided by the store is a very localized scenario and the WalMart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas is the best place to post complaints about individual stores, online rants and put downs may make you feel better but will yield much less in the way of positive result.

jackieboy says: (7 years ago)
I suspect that individual Walmart stores differ by the management personel. Walmart has treated me fairly and well for many years. Just recently on a trip away from home in Florida to the Pacific Northwest, I desperately needed a refill on my b/p prescription. It was soaring thru the roof. The gal at the prescrip. counter spent up to an hour and a half, making the phone calls to my home W. pharmacy and then to my cardiologist. Walmart has always, always treated us fairly and well and with excellence. Kudoo's to them. They are great! --J. Chapin, Northport, FL

douglas0junk says: (9 years ago)
Douglas tires are pure trash. I had a set on a Camry because I was short on cash. They vibrated constantly, even with rebalancing. Two of them lasted less than 3 months before having cord shift requiring replacement. (free) They were worn out at about 18,000 miles. Went to Michelins, and it was like a new car again. I just bought another Camry (2002) with new Douglas tires on it. Same deal, vibrations on the road and when braking, lots of tire noise. I put on Michelins and the vibrations stopped while cruising and braking, and the car is no longer suffering from excessive tire noise. A guy I work with put Douglas on his '01 Civic 3 months ago and is suffering the same vibrations and noise, along with vague steering. Stay away from Douglas!!

neonrainbow says: (9 years ago)
Just got off the phone with Nancy the manager of the monroe wallmart.The tec's never ordered my tires at all.She said I'm not calling you a liar but we don't operate that way.The tec's also gave me the wrong price.i then again stated that the tec's were wrong she said don't tell me my tec's don't know what they are doing.Does it sound like they know what they are doing?Thier employees misinform me and I need to pay.what happen to good America service?Isn't that what wallmart is about...not in Monroe.

neonrainbow says: (9 years ago)
I purchased 4 douglas tires at Wallmart store 2637 in Monroe New york 8/10/09.I now need 4 new tires after only 15,000 miles and wallmart will not prorate.This is crazy they say I need to go to Douglas for prorate.Very unhappy.Do not go to Wallmart.Now my tires aren't even coming in for another week.After I was told trucks come in twice a week????

Ebsen says: (9 years ago)
Douglas tires appear to be a good buy initially, but I dont think that they last anywhere near their 40k claim. Our tires had about 20k on them and they were weather cracked and had bulges in the sidewalls. Took them back to Walmart, and were given a $19.00 credit, even with the road hazard warranty! They really are a second rate tire for people on a budget...

Lawman says: (9 years ago)
Why is BLOCK(head) suggesting that the tires were not rotated for 2.5 yrs? If you don't know what you're talking about why comment. And as for krondorr, I could tell where he was coming from even before he said "if you came into my store". Walmart has several good people running the stores and just as many decieving people running them as well. I comment on personal experience. They are not as clean handed as they would have us believe.

Block says: (9 years ago)
did you go 2.5 years without rotation or what was the frequency of rotation?

rmcgee267 says: (9 years ago)
I went to the Wal-mart on Rutherford blvd. in Murfreesboro, Tn.
I was told I was getting a Goodyear tire, which is what all of the other tires on my veh. are.

It was my wife's veh, so I didn't notice it for 4 days, but they actually put a Douglas tire on my veh.!!!!!! Not happy at all. I'll never buy tires there again!!!!

krondorr says: (10 years ago)
Why were they prorating your tires at all? sounds like you got your use out of them. were they defective? Sounds like the employees were doing flat repaires under the road hazzard warranty and then declining the repair as if the tire was unable to be repaired and then u get new tire minus the tred used on old tires. sounds like they did this just to make a sell. Any way you got a good deal but they violated wall mart policy. just FYI - the road hazzard is for free flat repairs or replacement of tire if unrepairable up to the first 25% of tred and prorated after that its not the mileage warranty wich is from the TIRE MANUFACTURE and any issues with tiers that fail before the stated time must goto the Manufacture NOT the retailer - in this case wallmart. If you came to my store we would check the remaining tred depth - tires must have a 4/32nd or more to service if not then tires need to be replaced before walmart can service the vehicle.

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