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Sadly everytime I go to walmart's deli to get my chicken there's always an issue. This time when I arrived with my 25 yr old daughter, there was an elderly lady saying rather loud " never mind I don't need your chicken" I asked her wath was wrong and she said , she'd been waiting for 15 minutes for the the guy to give her a rotis. Chicken and the guy wouldn't give her one or a reason why he wouldn't. There was a lady behind the counter helping 2 people in line before me. When it came for my turn the lady working 'turned away from the counter went in the back and started washing dishes. I saw her through the door window. She did not exknowledge my presence even though she knew I was standing there. I've had this same problem with this same lady before. She and I have never had cross words. I've always been nice to her but she's always been rude to me. She either helps me with a sour attitude or she simply walks away. I finally was helped by a man behind the counter. Interstingly enough a store manager was standing behind me just a short ways away. So I explained the situation with him and the first words out of his mouth were '' well there's a language barrier'' Oh really?? He has no idea whether I speak spanish ''which I do speak some'' a bit to get me by. I did tell him that there is a universal language , such as a wave for a hello, a smile, it doesn't take a ''language barrier issue to be polite!! I've had this what I think is discrimination done to me so many times I can't count. Let me just say this one thing to make you think about it. The lady that didn't get her chicken when I walked up was ''not'' of mexican origin. I am not of mexican origin. The 2 people before me that the mexican lady behind the counter was helping ''were mexican'' You do the math!! I'm a minority in this town and I believe there are some people out there that truely believe they don't have to give us the time of day even though we are customers. It's absolutely rediculous that a walmart employee can treat a ''customer'' with such rudeness and then her manager make an excuse for her bad behavior ''because she doesn't speak english''!! I'm an American, going to an american store for my needs and I'm insulted that I can't get what I need '' in an American store'' because I don't speak '''her''' language!! Does anyone see whats wrong with this picture?? Does Walmart even care that their employees can treat their customers with discrimination because I don't look Mexican or speak spanish?? Do they even have a employee guideline to go by? Such as ''be nice to ''''all''' our customers!!! They are who ''pay'' our paychecks?? They are why we are here? I'm truely considering shoping target and anywhere else I can but walmart, simply because of the racial behavor that is ''put upon'' me by Mexican workers in the stores in our town. It's unbelievable sad, so many people don't know how to treat a person as simply human.

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